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    Professional modified plastic manufacturing enterprise

    Taishan Yunpeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of modified plastics. It is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of conductive plastics. It has a research and development team that integrates practice, thinking and understanding. R & D personnel with doctorate and master degrees ...




    Strong team

    Factory direct sales

    Caring service

    Professionalism stems from technology! Quality casting brand


    0750-5466081(Mr. Zhang)

    4 advantages of Yunpeng new materials

    Focus on production professional team

    There is a R & D team that integrates practice, thinking and understanding, and R & D personnel with high doctorate and master degrees

    various kinds Quality Assurance

    Our main products are conductive PS / PP / PE / ABS / PA / PC / EVA, etc., which can be used for different post-processing methods, such as extruding sheets, plates, injection molding, foaming, etc., with special materials, and also add Type, you can add 60% of the same base material.

    Priority raw materials Strict testing

    Now has brand-new production equipment, strict management system, dedicated technical service, continuous improvement of quality management concept

    Professional customer service Quality service

    Adhere to the "integrity-based, customer first" purpose, in the "quality-oriented, excellence" business philosophy, and strive to provide customers with a full range of quality services.

    Industry News

    Corporate News



    What is the masterbatch in the carbon black conductive masterbatch?

    Masterbatch is a kind of plastic processing aid developed in 1980s. It is composed of chemical aid, carrier plastic and dispersant.Masterbatch refers to the granular material produced by mixing, melting, extruding and pelletizing the masterbatch and the carrier plastic through the extruder in order to operate conveniently and blend all kinds of auxiliaries, carrier plastics and dispersants needed,

    How to make modified plastics flame retardant?

    Modified plastics can be seen everywhere in our life. With the continuous improvement of the performance of plastic materials and the requirements of lightweight products, plastic materials are widely used in construction, furniture, transportation, aviation, aerospace, electrical appliances and other aspects. In many occasions, the materials are required to have flame retardancy, the more commonl

    Processing and application of Taishan conductive masterbatch

    Processing and application of conductive masterbatchThe domestic demand for plastic antistatic / conductive products is increasing, and the number and variety of electronic product packaging are increasing. The antistatic / conductive products of plastic products, especially attract people's attention, are one of the goals pursued by people in the plastic packaging industry, which adopts domestic

    How to test the resistivity of conductive plastics?

    In the work of many friends will ask, conductive plastic resistivity is how to test it? To understand this, we need to know what is the definition of resistivity. Resistivity is a physical quantity used to express the resistance characteristics of various substances. The ratio of the product of resistance and cross-sectional area of an element made of a substance (20 ° C at normal temperature) to


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